Elf on the Shelf regains popularity

Sophie Oswald

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and December is here the Christmas tradition of Elf on the Shelf is returning. This has been a common household tradition since the children’s book “The Elf on the Shelf” by Carol Aebersold came out in 2005.

If you aren’t sure what Elf on the Shelf is, the story goes that Santa Claus sends these elves into homes where there are children, where they then report back whether the child has been naughty or nice. However, while the kids are sleeping, the elves get into trouble. Once the kids wake up, these elves get caught getting into a variety of mischief. This tradition inspires kids to make good decisions because they know that Santa Claus’ scout elf is watching.

Kids have so much fun with this tradition. You can pick out a girl or boy scout elf that come in plenty of different styles to suit your child’s personality. On this website, kids can also fill out Christmas lists to Santa and find activities that go along with their elf. There is even a movie, too, that brings this Christmas tradition to life. You can get one of these elves for the Christmas season, but there exists a equivalent to Elf on the Shelf, too, as well as year round elf pets.

You can bring this tradition into your own home by visiting elfontheshelf.com