Captain America: Civil War Brings Division among Marvel Fans

Anna Ciummo

Marvel fans everywhere are raving about the first trailer released for “Civil War,” the next Captain America movie set to hit theaters May of 2016. This movie is a live action adaptation of the critically acclaimed graphic novel of the same name.

The movie will continue the story of Captain America shortly after the events of “Winter Soldier” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” According to the trailer, Captain America is reunited with Bucky, his friend believed to have died in World War II. Although Bucky is alive, he is a trauma victim with blood on his hands, and is wanted dead by the government. Enter Captain America to stand between the two and defend his friend.

This trailer is especially controversial among Marvel fans because of Captain America’s sudden opposition towards his government. Because Steve Rogers turns against his fellow Avengers –Iron Man in particular– to help his rogue best friend, a schism is formed in the fandom over which side to root for.

Rachael Turner, freshman biochemistry major at Washburn, has only seen the first Captain America movie.

“I would probably root for Captain America,” Turner said. She doesn’t prefer Iron Man because he seems to be “really arrogant.”

“I think the movie will be good for its target audience,” Turner continued. “It’ll be fairly decent.”