Nursing department renovations still underway

Faith Hadley

The nursing department is undergoing a renovation. At the end of last semester, offices and rooms were emptied, faculty relocated and furniture put to storage as the spaces were prepared.

As of Saturday, Jan. 16, the nursing section of Petro Allied Health Center looked very different than it did during finals week last December. The renovation is not yet complete, as the hallway ceiling is bare with exposed rafters, hanging light fixtures and exposed wires visible. The walls are down to bare sheetrock and mudding. However, the department offices are much further along with new carpet, paint and furniture already in place.

Monica Scheibmeir, dean of nursing, is excited about the updates the school is receiving. The driving force behind the design of the new spaces was “to focus on the health of the faculty and staff as well as the students we take care of on a daily basis.”

Another goal in mind during the redesign was creating quieter spaces to ease workflow and interaction. Included in the layout are raising desks so staff are able to stand, soothing paint colors, better lighting and more comfortable seating in the waiting area and offices.

The renovation is being completed in two stages, the first being completed in February, the second during spring break. Upon completion, the hall will feature new paint, carpet and a wordle (a collage of related words) about nursing that stretches from the entrance stairs up and around to the new doors that will separate and establish the school. The second portion of renovation will complete a new conference room for the nursing school in the room that used to be the student lounge.

Washburn University alumnus Alex Cudeck, who graduated from the nursing program last winter, is happy to hear of what is going on at the school.

“It’s going to look nicer and more friendly,” Cudeck said.

This will be great for any visiting potential Ichabods, as newer and well-maintained spaces encourage students to come and be a part of what is going on. The new look will visually exemplify the thoughts of Scheibmeir: “We care about our faculty. We care about our students. We care about the other people who come to our campus, because that’s what nurses do.”

Though there is still some work to be done, this spring the school of nursing will have great new spaces to teach, learn and grow.