Opportunity: Teaching English in China

Washburn Review Staff

If you are (or someone you know might be) interested in teaching English at Zhejiang Normal University (http://www.zjnu.edu.cn/eng/index.asp), long-time WU partnership in China, please let me know as soon as possible. This would be a great opportunity for new graduates to get valuable international experience. So please forward the information to your students as well. 18 individuals have successfully made the trip over the last several years.

Number of position: 2

Appointment time: September 2016-July 2017 (one semester commitment possible)

Basic Duties: Teaching Conversational English for college freshmen and sophomores

Benefit Package: Round-trip airfare (half for one-semester commitment); free housing (furnished apartment) with subsidized utilities, monthly stipend ($700-$1,000), paid health insurance, free tuition for some on-campus courses, and several complimentary local tours

Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s degree by the time of appointment, excellent speaking and writing skills, strong dedication to teaching. ZJNU also requires the candidate to pass the criminal background check, and a drug and health screening.  Fresh graduates also would need to get TEFL certification.