Kenzie’s Beauty Corner: Overcoming Winter beauty challenges

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Kenzie McCoy

Winter months in Kansas can throw makeup-lovers for a loop. No longer are we exposed to warm weather and have hydrated, dewy skin, but now we have to deal with cold air and dryness. The combination of cold air outside and dry heat inside can make our skin look dull and dry and can make makeup application more difficult. Today, I want to share my tips and tricks to conquer those winter makeup mishaps and also share a few budget-friendly products than can make a big difference in your winter skin care routine.

Foundation changes:

In the winter, I stay away from any powder foundations I have and strictly use only liquid, more hydrating foundations. Unless you’re still extremely oily in the winter time, stay away from any foundation that’s super matte in finish. It’s harder to achieve a dewy, hydrated look to your skin during cold days, so that’s the goal. My winter favorite foundations are BB or CC creams, because they seem much more hydrating than normal foundations. My current favorite is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation. Also, if you’re using a brush to apply your foundation, dryness may be more visible. Switch up your application and invest in a beauty sponge, such as the Beauty Blender, or (my favorite) the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. Sponges give a much more dewy appearance to the skin and make foundation look more natural on the skin.

Facial oil is your best friend:

If you’re still having trouble with your liquid foundation clinging to dry patches, try adding a few drops of beauty oil to your foundation. My all-time favorite moisturizing facial oil is the Boots Botanics Organic facial oil. Facial oil can be a huge winter skin life saver, and I highly recommend finding one that suits your skin type. Putting on a small layer of facial oil on before your moisturizer can give the skin that extra boost of hydration it needs.

Also, remember that exfoliating your skin is important, even in the winter. Exfoliation will remove any dead skin cells, getting rid of those unsightly dry patches and allowing for a smooth foundation application. I usually exfoliate two or three times a week. In the winter, it’s extra important to intensely hydrate after exfoliation. Try adding a couple drops of your facial oil to your moisturizer for quick hydration, or for a more intense hydration treatment, rub some unrefined coconut oil onto your skin.

Facial sprays:

Another huge helper for foundation that looks cakey or powdery is a facial spray. Many brands have sprays for the face, but facial sprays have different purposes. Some sprays are meant for priming the face before makeup application, others are used to help prolong makeup application, and others are meant to add hydration or provide skin care benefits. Although all sprays will usually help provide a more natural look to makeup, a more hydrating spray can really make a huge difference in the look of your makeup during cold days. My favorite is the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herb and rosewater because not only does it feel wonderfully refreshing on the skin, but it also makes my makeup look much more natural, taking away the powdery look.

Tip: After putting on all of your facial powders (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.) hold the bottle a few inches away from your face and spray two to three times. The spray will take a minute or so to dry and will eliminate a cakey looking face.

Liquid highlighter for that glow:

Since we can’t rely on a sun-kissed tan to make us glow, we have to rely on products to make us look hydrated and glowy. I don’t know about you, but highlighting my face is my favorite part of my makeup application. Highlighting brings certain features forward and can make the face look radiant. In the winter, mixing in a liquid highlighter like the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator with your foundation can add a subtle, natural-looking glow to the face and get rid of any dullness. Making a mixture of foundation and highlighter is a great, easy way to achieve a bit of a glow in the winter. Liquid highlighter can also be used on its own on the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, above the eyebrows, and on the Cupid ’s bow. Adding highlighter to these areas will also bring dimension to the face and provide a healthy-looking complexion. Powder highlighter can also be used in these areas of the face, but liquid highlighters will look more natural and will not emphasize any dryness on the face.

Tip: If you’re foundation is slightly drying, mix it with your facial lotion to create your own tinted moisturizer. Sometimes, I will make a mixture of liquid highlighter, foundation and moisturizer to create my perfect winter-ready concoction.