Taco Bell’s mysterious new item

Sophia Oswald

Whether or not you’re a fan of the beloved fast-food joint Taco Bell, you have probably heard about the new, mysterious item being added to the menu this week. The hype behind this unknown item has made many people eager to try it out. Some fans have even put trust in the restaurant and pre-ordered the item.

Customers were able to pre-order the mysterious menu item on the Taco Bell website last week. Those who pre-ordered were able to go to their local Taco Bell on Feb. 6 and pick up their orders. The secret item was scheduled to be revealed during Super Bowl 50 in three 30-second teasers.

”That sounds unappealing to me,” said Peyten Lopez, a freshman biology major. “I would have to say that I wouldn’t personally eat it, but I bet other people are raving over it.”

As if the hype wasn’t high enough already, these commercials starred many famous people from all over the different menus. Whether you are a sports fan or a music fan or a fan of something else, there was probably a familiar face in one of the ads. These people varied from NBA all-star James Harden to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the alien expert who has turned into a poplar meme.

Now that the Super Bowl is over the mysterious item as been revealed. The now not-so-secret new menu item is a quesalupa, which is a mix between a chalupa and a quesadilla. It starts with a fried flatbread which is stuffed with cheese. That is then filled with meat, lettuce and more cheese.

“Well I guess I might try it but I pretty much just stick to a plain taco or burrito,” said Alex Williams, freshman elementary education major.