Pinterest assists users in saving money

Shayndel Jones

Pinterest has had a large impact our generation. This mobile app has inspired millions of people to have DIY courage, cook meals from scratch, ramp up their workouts and make home sweet home a little sweeter through simple decorating techniques. A recent trend has emerged on the website, too, showing users how they can save money in creative ways.

Saving money is extremely important for people, especially for college students often living on their own for the first time. Learning how to use your money wisely while also purchasing items that influence your hobbies, homes and lives can have great impact on your budget.

Find inspiration. When it comes to decorating, some people change their minds frequently, which can get expensive quickly. However, arranging something differently or using common household items as props can be all you need to freshen up a space.

Pinning home decorations can help people decide on what they really want, so they don’t waste money trying items that don’t actually fit within their vision.

Having visual reminders of what you are looking for can help people make better spending decisions. Pinterest is great for finding DIY tutorials on everything from laying tile to arranging flowers like a pro to safely removing your washer or dryer. This can help you avoid paying a premium for services you can do yourself.

“I’m really curious if I can do the do-it-yourself techniques to spruce up my apartment,” said Natalie Engler, sophomore criminal justice major, a Pinterest fan.

Learn new strategies. Follow users who share their organizational know-how to save money by staying organized. Keep track of payments by using a calendar to write important payment due dates. Digital calendars work best since you can set up repeat reminders for ongoing payments. 

Avoid the dreaded tax scramble next year by keeping all of your tax information for the year in one place. Have a clearly marked folder or box where you put all your tax-related documents and forms as you get them. Use folders separated by categories like end of year bank statements, receipts, business expenses, charitable donation forms and the like to make everything easier to find later.

If you’re reaching for takeout after a hard day’s work because it seems cheaper, think again. Get a savings plan worked into your recipes by pinning low-cost recipes. You can use the boards to pick out lunch menus, plan group dinners and choose recipes where the ingredients overlap. This way you can figure out what you can use as leftovers and figure out how to combine ingredients in a cost-effective way. Pinterest serves as a visual meal planner to help you eat healthier and cook creatively for cheap.

“I always love looking up new recipes,” enthused Engler.

Frugal fashion ideas exist, too. If you are a clothing fiend, you have probably at one time or another needed to find ways to save money. You can reduce spending in this category by turning to Pinterest. By searching for something you already own, you can find new ways to wear it with other items in your closet, or how to alter it yourself.

Today’s search engines make it much simpler to both shop and compare prices all over the world in the blink of an eye. If you need to browse, research the item a bit before you actually make the purchase. Create a board for the desired item, add a few pins from different websites where you may buy the item and you will have a quick visual reference guide to make comparison shopping simple.

Don’t miss out on the cost-effective information that Pinterest has to offer. Take advantage of the many inexpensive ideas found on this social media platform and make savings a pin-worthy priority.