Washburn Tech Holds Signing Day

Josh Satchel

Students from all over gathered in the conference room at the Washburn Institute of Technology as the institution hosted its third annual Letter of Intent Signing Day on Thurs., Feb. 18.

Every year, colleges across the country hold a signing day on which aspiring athletes sign a letter of intent to express their commitment to said college. It was just three years ago that Washburn Tech Dean Clark Coco proposed that the school do the same for technical education. Now, that has become a reality that doesn’t look to quit.

Over a hundred students turned out to make their mark on paper. Appearances from Gov. Sam Brownback and State Sen. Laura Kelly occurred and the event was preceded by some words of encouragement from Washburn staff, including Washburn University’s president, Jerry Farley.

“We’re here to let them know how much we believe in them,” Farley said. “That’s what education is all about.”

Additionally, Washburn’s athletic director, Bruce Steinbrock had some words of his own.

“An idea is only an idea unless you share it,” he said.

The students themselves even stopped briefly to share a few words about their decision.

Hunter Claxton from Oskaloosa High School said, “I’ve always had a passion for cars and when I heard about this opportunity, I knew I had to take it.”

From a little closer to home, Michael Lopez of Topeka High School offered up some extra words of encouragement for those who may want to consider the opportunity in the future.

 “Try your best and you will succeed,” said Lopez.

Christopher Allyn Noland, a home-schooled student also from Topeka, shared his thoughts as well, stating “I came here to help people through the workforce.” 

All involved seemed to be very pleased with the turnout for the event.