Washburn prepares for upcoming Career Fair

Faith Hadley

The upcoming career fair is bursting with opportunities for students.

The fair will be Feb. 17, 10 a.m to 2 p.m. in Lee Arena. This is the largest career fair in a decade. The sheer volume of booths that will be present on the day of the fair should lay to rest any concerns students have that there won’t be something of interest for everyone. “The fair needs more choices for different majors,” said Marissa Coyle, junior history major.

Nearly 130 employers and organizations will be present from 18 different fields. According to Duane Williams, Career Services Specialist, that number is bound to continue to grow in the next few weeks.

The high amount of groups attending bodes positively for students, as it signifies high employer interest in hiring Ichabods.

It is best to be well prepared before attending. One way to do that is to target the organizations you would like to meet with. A wealth of information on the organization that will be present at the event as well as other important information is available with a bodjobs account.

To create an account or access more information, see the Career Services page on the Washburn website. Those with bodjobs accounts have résumé help, 562 full-time jobs, 111 part-time positions and 126 internships within their reach.

“On any given day, that’s very typical of what we’ll have,” Williams said.

Taking a strong and appealing résumé to a career fair is advisable to maximize chances of impressing potential employers. Career Services will be holding a Résumé Roadshow Feb. 15, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the union lobby. Career Services staff and various employers will be available to do a short review of students’ résumés.

When asked what other advice he could offer to inquiring students, Williams said, “Number one: dress to impress. First impressions are extremely important.” Business casual for undergraduate students, but business formal for graduates looking for full-time jobs. Be friendly, have copies of your résumé, and have a short speech prepared to introduce yourself and what you are looking for.

For those who are nervous, unsure or just new to the career fair scene, tours will be available. The tours will show how to maneuver through the fair. To the Ichabods interested in internships, orange flags will be present on the tables of employers with internships available.

To anyone curious where their major will take them, deciding on a major or seeking employment or internships, the upcoming career fair will be a vital event to attend.