Washburn Undergraduates Impress at the 35th Conference on FYE

The following four students attended the 35th annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, and represented Washburn University in a truly outstanding manner.

Kayla Johnson, a senior Marketing major, was today named a Jordan Smith Undergraduate Student Fellow. Just 1 of 5 in the nation, Kayla was named a Jordan Smith Undergraduate Student Fellow because of her leadership as a Peer Educator in Washburn’s FYE Program and because of her potential to have a career in student success that makes a real difference in the life of prospective future campus.

Kinsey Ashworth, a senior History major, Christina Foreman, a senior double majoring in Management and Marketing, and Alexis Winter, a sophomore majoring in Forensic Anthropology, presented the following topic at the Conference: “Enhancing Retention through the Student Employee Experience.” To the best of our knowledge, theirs is the only panel presentation at the Conference created and led only by undergraduate students. A standing room only audience awaited our Ichabod’s, and everyone in attendance left highly impressed.