Spring break consumes the minds of students

Blacktip sharks are swarming the coasts off Fort Lauderdale, Fla.Scientists know little about the migration patterns of blacktips, but do know  that Blactips are the most common shark for the Fort Lauderdale area and are responsible for the majority of reported shark bites in the area.

Sophia Oswald

With the weather getting warmer, Washburn students can feel spring break getting closer. There is an excessive amount of hype regarding this upcoming break with many students already having their plans solidified.

Recently, the Palm Beach County coastline has been flooded with sharks. Every year, more than thousands of sharks migrate near the county and this year, due to global warming, they’re swimming right up to the coastline.

In addition to Florida’s shark presence, the Zika virus is putting a damper on many people’s travel plans. The virus is still spreading and affecting Mexico, as well as several other Central and South American countries. Numerous airlines have offered refunds and have dropped their cancellation fees due to the virus outbreak.

Despite these two occurrences, there are still ideas for students who are on a budget, do not plan on traveling or who have had to cancel their spring break plans.

First of all, you don’t need to be on a beach to enjoy spring break. Camping is a great alternative that doesn’t involve coordinating a long drive or booking an expensive flight. There are many campsites located in and around Topeka.

Lake Shawnee Campground is located close by and averages about $17 per night. Clinton State Park charges a $3 reservation fee and $7 a night. Perry Landing charges $20 up front.

Volunteering is always an option as well. Grace Hospice has an ongoing volunteer opportunity where you can bring your pet to visit with patients. In order to bring your pet, they’ll need updated vaccinations, a printed copy of their received vaccinations and a passing grade on the temperament test. There are plenty of other opportunities at Harvesters, Kansas Children’s Discovery Center and many other Topeka establishments.

Backpacking or taking a short road trip are both moderately cheap ways to have an adventure when done right.

“For spring break, a couple friends of mine are road-tripping to Dallas to see a Dallas Stars hockey game,” said Callie Shea, senior radiology and nuclear medicine major.

“We plan to check out some local hiking trails and see the aquarium along with other touristy attractions. It’ll be nice to take a short break from school.” Spending time with friends is an option that many Washburn students are including in their spring break agendas. Kristina Hernandez, freshman music education major, plans to travel to Colorado with the Washburn Wind Ensemble.

“We’ve been invited to CBDNA, which is this music conference where we play a few songs and we get judged, and it’s very intense,” Hernandez said.

While some students will be staying in the US, a few students are going to be traveling and experiencing foreign culture. Lauren Sharp, freshman photography major, is planning to spend some time in Puerto Rico with her family.