Bod Brief: Late Department Chair Honored

Review Staff

Former Washburn professor Glenda Taylor who taught at Washburn for 28 years, has been awarded the Fellow of the Council award from National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). Taylor started her career at Washburn in 1988. During many of those years she served as the chair of the art department.

Taylor was given the award posthumously after her untimely death, which at the time saw her serving as a Presidential Appointee. Her other roles within NCECA saw her volunteering to write the council’s journal, being the director at large for three years, and served as secretary for four years. At the time of her death Taylor had already served on the council for over a decade.

Taylor is one of the few members to receive the prestigious Fellow of the Council award. An official statement from the council states why Taylor deserves the award. “Taylor also served as the unofficial welcome wagon to both new members of the NCECA board and hundreds if not thousands of conference attendees. Her quick, warm-hearted smile, genuine interest in her fellow artist, and her love and passion for NCECA, clay and life will be among her most remembered traits.”