Ichabods fall to Central Missouri Jennies 70-74

Brenden Williams

The Washburn women’s basketball team fell to the Central Missouri Jennies in a closely contested game, 70-74 after the Jennies clawed their way to a comeback in the second half. The Ichabods entered the game 15-13, 11-11 in the conference while the Jennies 10-17 with a 9-13 conference record, not far behind the Ichabods.

Erika Lane starred for the Ichabods on offense, scoring whenever the Ichabods fell to more than a one-possession deficit. The Ichabods started with a quick 11 point lead early in the first quarter, up 17-6 with five minutes left in the quarter.

The Jennies quickly retaliated scoring a few before the quarter ended, although in the final few minutes there was no scoring.

The first quarter ended 21-7 for the Ichabods up early.

The second quarter started off no differently, the Ichabods extending their lead to 10 again at one point early on, 31-21 with 6 minutes left in the quarter. From there the Jennies clawed their way back to a one possession game with just over four minutes remaining, 30-33.

The Ichabods fought for a run of their own, pushing the lead back to 12 late in the first half, 30-42, before the Jennies cut it to seven as the buzzer sounded 35-42.

The third quarter is when the game changed and Erika Lane took over, scoring for the Ichabods when they fell down to the Jennies with just over six left in the quarter, 47-46.

The Jennies pushed the lead to 6 before the Ichabods tied the game up at 53 again with 2:19 left in the quarter. The Ichabods finished the quarter only up two, 57-55.

The fourth quarter started with the Ichabods pushing the lead to five before falling to a tied game with just over three minutes left. Erika Lane again picked up the slack, she scored 14 in the second half, whenever the Ichabods were struggling on offense, she exceeded expectations.

The Ichabods would soon fall down four despite her effort, 70-74, and could not overcome the Jennies as they won when the Ichabods were forced to foul in the final minute.

Erika Lane led the Bods in scoring with 22 points, shooting eight of 16 from the field, four of nine from behind the arc, and made two of three free throws. Lane also racked up six assists for the Ichabods.

Alyxis Bowens had 19, shooting nineof 11 from the field, and outstanding percentage from the paint, and also had nine rebounds, five of which were offensive. Erin Dohnalek had 10 points, struggling with only four of 14 from the field but had five assists.

The Jennies move on to face the Pittsburg State Gorillas on March 3, 2016.