New organization for students with children

Ali Dade

A new organization is coming to campus that will focus on giving students with children resources and support that will be called “Students with Children.” Their goal is to help serve those students who are parents, guardians and parents-to-be, along with their supporters.

The group plans to connect parents who are students to offer support, discover resources and learn how to manage the demands of their busy lives.

Marissa Coyle, junior history major was encouraged to create this group after realizing that despite daycare services being available for parents and guardians on campus, there were not any groups to support and provide a place for them to thrive.

Coyle’s mother was a non-traditional student at Washburn when Coyle was a child in elementary school, and she fondly recalls spending time watching her mother in the classroom and hopes to provide other children and parents with similar experiences. She explained that watching her mother go back to school helped her see how beneficial it would be to have another resource to help with the transition.

Coyle said that it can be difficult for students who double as a parents, most of whom are non-traditional students.

Students with Children hopes to provide many resources on campus, including: seminars to help deal with stress management and financial aid, childcare and babysitting, resource and lactation rooms on campus and providing child activity kits through the library.

“The main goal of this group is to help students balance their roles as both parents and students and succeed in both roles,” Coyle said.

Britiany Robinson, treasurer of the group, feels strongly about the effects of the group, not only at Washburn, but in the Topeka community as a whole.

“Getting the local businesses involved that offer child care is important,” Robinson said. “Also, letting people know that there is a group to support and help.”

The group will meet again Thursday, March 10, and hopes that many students will show up, if not those with children, also those who are interested in a career in childcare. The group is planning on providing many great resources, and hope that students as parents will find it helpful.