Crime Report March 2020

Suspicious Person

6:45 PM March 1. Call from LLC referencing a suspicious person, notice to leave issued

Traffic Accident

11:51 AM March 3. SW Washburn Ave, Non-injury accident including influence of alcohol or drugs 

Its a Dry Campus Dude

6:35 PM March 6. Alcohol violation at the LLC

Tsk Tsk Tsk,  Lincoln. 

7:29 PM March 6. Alcohol violation in Lincoln.

Alcohol Violation 

8:54 PM March 6. Alcohol violation in Lincoln.

Suspicious Person: Season 1, Episode 3

3:00 PM March 8. Suspicious person was reported in Village Lobby

Can You Smell What The Rock is Cooking?

7:46 PM March 9. Traffic stop on SW 19th and SW Macvicar, odor of Marijuana detected.

These Suspicious People, Man.

4:53 PM March 10. Suspicious person reported at Yager East Ticket Gate. 

Sneak level: 0

1:01 PM March 11. Attempted theft of items from Ichabod Shop in Memorial Union

Vandalism Report

5:46 PM March 11. Criminal damage to property in the Memorial Union.

Rough Morning?

7:58 AM AM March 18. Use of drug paraphernalia, as well as driving without headlights when needed.

Free Candy?

6:51 PM March 18. Suspicious vehicle spotted in lot 9.

Modern Warfare

7:35 PM March 18. Shots fired at SW 13th Street and SW Plass Avenue.

Sus as heck

9:36 PM March 18. Suspicious subjects spotted.

Medical Call: Information Only

5:20 PM March 23. Medical call at Morgan Hall, subject drove to St. Francis