Ichabods take game 5-4 against Cowley College

Zach Hampton poses to serve the ball in a doubles match

Lisa Herdman

The Washburn men’s tennis team won against Cowley County Community College 5-4 in an exhibition match on March 6, winning two of three doubles matches and two of three singles matches.

The matches began at noon and were subject to fast winds leading to a lot of balls missing their mark and turning over points to the other team. In the last doubles match the Cowley Tigers fell due to multiple balls deflected by the net back to their side.

This is the Ichabods’ fifth meet this semester, and a third win after two losses. A crowd of over 20 people, including players’ families, came to watch the event. The number slowly grew as the games went on, turning into more than 30 attendees.

A total of six singles games and three double games were played. Two points for Washburn were won in the doubles and three points in the singles, narrowly winning against Cowley.

The first point was accumulated by Washburn in doubles after Alejandro Valarezo Plaza and Blake Hunter defeated Lucas Frejtas and Nick Liddy 8-3.

Another point was picked up when Matt Barlow, who has an overall season score of 10-4 in his previous games, and Zach Hampton defeated Lukas Michenka and Toby Timms 8-3. These two matches stayed pretty one-sided, taking less than 45 minutes to complete.

In the heat of a doubles match on court No. 2, a Cowley Tiger fell over the net, spun and missed the ball, leading to a point for Washburn.

In the singles games Valarezo Plaza defeated Lucas Frejtas 6-3 earning a point for Washburn. Barlow won against Vincent Bernaw 6-4 in a closer match, but was able to make a comeback. Hunter won his match in singles 6-3 and 6-0 over Jose Castro, earning Washburn a third point in singles.

The scoring was fairly tied up until Washburn was able to pull a third point in singles matches and take the game. Washburn’s current season has an overall record of 4-2 including their last home game.

The Washburn men’s tennis team will play another home game at noon Saturday, March 12 against Hastings College.