Senior exhibit shines light on introversion with graphics

From left to right comic strips “Introvert Anonymous”, “Out of Shell” and “It Speaks” in 2D Design. All pieces were made in 2016.

Lisa Herdman

Washburn’s art department just got graphic.

The senior exhibition by Erika Taylor, senior art major, is being displayed from March 28 to April 9 on the main floor of the Washburn Art Building.

The display features paintings and large comic strips by the artist, including a strip called “Bertha the Introvert,” which is shown in multiple panels across the front room. The comic depicts the character stumbling through every day social pitfalls.

“I really enjoy drawing comics,” said Taylor. “It’s a way of showing people who I am and expressing how I feel through my art.”

Taylor started on her project last spring, when she created her first paintings in an art class. It wasn’t until this semester that her comics were created in a graphic art class. This show is for her final capstone project at Washburn.

She said that she tends to work with the same theme of introversion all throughout her work. She believes that through art you are able to express yourself and show who you are as a person.

Taylor said she would like to go into animation when she graduates and continue working on her comic strip as long as she can. She could see herself writing and illustrating a graphic novel in the future. She is still looking for job openings for animators in Topeka.

“I hope students get into personal topics in their art that is important to them,” Taylor said. “Choose your topics fearlessly.”