Ichabod men’s tennis takes Newman in match 5-1

Lisa Herdman

The Washburn men’s and women’s tennis teams played Southwest Baptist at noon April 24. The women’s team took a loss while the men’s team won its placement in regionals in its final game of the season.

The women’s tennis team fell against Southwest Baptist in the regular season finale 1-8. Ichabod doubles fell 0-3 against the Bearcats and 1-5 in singles. Gwen Shepler gained Washburn a point against Beatrix Federer in a match ending 6-4, to make one point against Southwest Baptist College.

In men’s tennis, No. 25 Washburn faced the Bearcats ranked at No. 31. Ichabods turned out a win in a 6-3 victory as an overall score in both singles and doubles, taking a regional win. The men will move on to the first round of the MIAA Tournament.

Ichabods men’s tennis took the lead 2-1 during doubles with Blake Hunter and Alejandro Valarezo Plaza along with Zach Hampton and Matt Barlow both picking up wins against the Bearcats’ Sherif Abohabaga and Gyorgy Argoston and Chris Blodig and Torben. All doubles came out at least two points ahead for Washburn.

Singles matches with Barlow, Dario Munoz-Poletti and Hampton all took a win over the Bearcats. Munoz-Poletti won a match against Marcel Castillo 4-6, 6-3 and 10-8. Zach Hampton won against Torben Semrau 6-2 and 6-2. Blake Hunter took the game against Chris Blodig 6-3 and 6-4. Matt Barlow won against Gyorgy Argoston 6-3 and 6-2. All single matches came out at least 3 points ahead.

Graduating seniors were recognized on the Ichabod teams and given appreciation. Washburn President Jerry Farley spoke of the importance of sports at Washburn and how proud he is of the teams.

These final matches were the deciding factor in regional games ending the regular season, and the wins for these games are sending the men’s tennis team to the MIAA tournament to play in Springfield, Missouri, against Northeastern State April 29.