Senior art exhibit explores concepts of the brain

Danielle Jones hosts a gallery talk for “Inside My Mind,” where she describes the making of art that represent both sides of the brain. Her art includes graphic design, painting, digital painting and photography.

Lisa Herdman

Danielle Jones’ senior art art exhibition, which primarily focuses on the relationship between left and right brain thinking, is currently featured in Washburn’s art building.

Jones, senior graphic design major, says the theme of right brain versus left brain came from her painting and drawing versus design work. Her paintings tend to be creative and highly detailed, where her graphic design is more minimal. To complement Jones’s concept, the show is laid out so that her paintings are on the right-hand side of the gallery and her graphic design pieces on the left.

“[My graphic design] work is less detailed and is out of my comfort zone,” Jones said. “I have to figure out how to put the minimal amount on a page to convey the most message.”

Jones said that this is very unlike her digital painting work that she considers right brain work. Her paintings are often very detail-oriented and precise. She loves to draw the human form and take photographs of Mr. Weiner, her dog, and turn them into digital paintings.

Before becoming an art studio graphic design major, Jones considered other majors, including art education, psychology, biology and zoology.

“I have an interest in science that tends to come back and haunt me,” Jones said. “You can see all of my other interests come out in my work. Especially my love for animals in my shark finning poster and Topeka Zoo poster.”

Jones said she started making art when she was little girl when she loved art class in school. She never thought of it as a potential career and worried about how she would be able to make a living from her art once she entered college.

“Coming into college I never thought of art as a real job,” Jones said. “I talked to some professors about making a career out of art, and it is possible.”

Jones is currently working with Dymax to launch its social media campaign.

“I have been doing art my whole life, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it,” Jones said. “I found something that really fits me.”

For more information contact the Washburn Art Department at (785) 670-1125.