Pandemonium: Welcome to a new series titled “TEACHING DURING A PANDEMIC.” Washburn Review Freelance Journalist, Wesley Tabor, created the series with the intent of informing the Washburn community on how professors are interacting with their students during a time of social distancing.

Wesley Tabor

Hello and welcome to my series titled “TEACHING DURING A PANDEMIC.”

The series is focused on Washburn professors: how they transitioned their course content to the virtual world and how they prepared for communicating with students over the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.

This series plans to highlight one Washburn professor each week – showing outsiders the unique perspective of what it is like to lead a class solely online.

What do orchestra, sculpture or nursing classes look like online? How have professors had to tweak their course objectives in this new world order? We will uncover these answers in this series.

I hope you enjoy the series and practice social distancing to keep you and your family healthy during this time of global pandemic.

Edited by: Joelle Conway, Hannah Alleyne