President Farley’s Coronavirus Concern Email Brief

Hannah Alleyne

President Farley addressed health concerns regarding the coronavirus in an email Tuesday, March 3. Though there is no known outbreak in Kansas currently, Washburn remains vigilant to inform and protect students, faculty and staff. The message included reminders of daily practices the CDC suggests to prevent the spread of illness such as diligently washing hands for at least 20 seconds, immediately disposing of tissues, avoiding touching your face and more. Additionally, official measures being taken were outlined involving the establishment of a team to review all potential threats, a recent readiness test for the iAlert system and University sponsored travel suspensions updated automatically for all areas under a US Department of State Level 4 Travel Advisory or a CDC Warning Level 3, which are as of yet China, South Korea, Italy and Iran. In the announcement, it was mentioned that three Washburn students are still unable to return to campus due to travel restrictions from China, but that they have fortunately continued to communicate their safety and good health. Going into Spring Break, President Farley encouraged anyone who will be traveling to keep updated on risks and plan accordingly.