Trump mocks Cruz after Fiorina falls off stage

Brian Cervantez

Ted Cruz was rallying for campaign trail in Indiana with his Vice President running mate Carly Fiorina. As Fiorina walked away from the podium, she fell off the stage. Cruz kept his cool, continuing to shake hands with members of the crowd and has claimed to not have seen her fall.

“I think Cruz should have assisted Fiorina after she fell. Whether he saw her fall or not, once he noticed that she had fallen, he could have helped her get up,” said Rachel Darey, a junior accounting major, “I think that most people would help someone who had fallen, even if the did not necessarily know them. Therefore, Cruz kindly should have paused his handshaking to help his running mate when she had fallen off the stage.” 

Trump is using this small debacle to turn it into a joke, which some may claim is no surprise, following the unique antics the candidate has shown over his campaign.

Some state that because of this incident, voters could see Cruz as a non-compassionate person, causing his campaign to suffer.