Farley welcomes students

President Jerry Farley walks to the end of the line to welcome freshman to Washburn. Faculty lined up to clap for the freshman leaving the auditorium from Convocation.

Lisa Herdman

New students were encouraged to attend Opening Convocation, where students are welcomed to Washburn and to becoming an Ichabod, 4 to 5 p.m. on Aug. 23 at White Concert hall.

The Washburn Marching Band along with the Dancing Blues performed for the new students before Richard Liedtke, the executive director of enrollment management, opened the ceremony by welcoming new students to Washburn. He then introduced President Jerry Farley, who started with a speech about the importance of choosing the right career path and getting involved with the university.

“There is no greatness in anything you do without first having passion,” Farley said. “Do something that you believe in, get involved in groups that share the same ideas as you. Find the activities that will help you grow.”

Farley said that students may change their paths many times, but all that counts is that you learn about yourself. In any situation, you have to learn to be prepared. The faculty at our school have given their lives to helping you learn and grow into the goals that you have set for yourself.

“The people in the room with you today will be the ones that help you shape the rest of your lives,” Farley said, in reference to faculty present to welcome the freshman.

Michael Gleason, director of the leadership institute and a lecturer, then took the stage. He shared a speech about learning to assimilate and how to succeed after you graduate.

“You must learn to wear quite a few hats,” Gleason said. “Identities evolve throughout life like trends.”

Gleason said that Washburn students will pick up experiences at Washburn that are timeless. Learn to think for yourself and grow in your own field. It is important to learn how to think over just learning the information. At Washburn we try to push our students to ask questions, and to always have more questions than answers.

As a final welcome to the freshman, faculty stood outside of the doors to the auditorium and waited to clap for them as they left. Students took pictures with teachers, high-fived them and marched out the front doors to White Concert Hall.