Clinton holds campaign rally in midwest

Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, rallies in midwest at Omaha North High School in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ali Dade

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held one of her first official presidential campaign rallies in Omaha, Nebraska on August 1, 2016. The event was held at Omaha North High School and 1,000 people were predicted to attend. Nearly 3,200 people were in attendance to see the first female candidate of a major political party speak.

Clinton’s stop in Nebraska was the second in an attempt to hit all the “swing states”, the first being Ohio. “Swing states” are states where both of the major political parties have the same amount of support, therefore, not being a strictly democratic or republican state.

Omaha-native and business mogul Warren Buffett joined Hillary to speak at the rally. Buffett’s speech, opening for Clinton, was directed towards her Republican opponent, fellow business mogul Donald Trump.

Buffett spoke to Trump, in his own words, “as one millionaire to another” about Trump’s refusal to release his tax information.

“We would learn a whole lot more about Donald Trump if he were to release his tax information. He’s said multiple times he’s under audit, but guess what? I’m under audit too, and I would be delighted, at any place and any time before the end of this election, to show my tax returns,” Buffett then went on to explain that there is no law against publicly showing your tax information.

Clinton then began her speech, which was met with strong enthusiasm from the crowd.

Clinton, like Buffet, spoke out against her opponent, accusing him of being “hateful” and attempting to divide America, “It’s like [Trump is] talking about a different country, forgetting about everyone in America who gets up every day and works together. We were raised to follow up on the extraordinary examples of our founders, 240 years ago in Philadelphia, who came together. That’s what we do in America, we see a problem and we say, “we will fix it together”, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Clinton also discussed her platforms and what she hopes to do if she were to become president. She advocated for creating new jobs and better supporting small businesses, raising the minimum wage, liberating student debt, making college more affordable, fairer taxes for the middle and lower classes, and working in rural areas to create better energy from clean and renewable sources.

Clinton finished by speaking out against the negativity that some may say Trump holds and showing support for Americans.

“[Trump] has said so many things that I profoundly disagree with, for the life of me, I don’t know why someone runs to be president of the United States who thinks and says ‘we never win anymore, our country is full of losers’, well he could not be more wrong,” Clinton said.

At the time, there is no plan for her to host a rally in Kansas. However, Clinton will continue to hit the battleground states in an attempt to win over more votes.