Toto, we’re not in high school anymore

Ford Harrison

Well, you made it past move-in day.

Whether you came straight from Topeka High or in my case, Los Angeles, we all had a similar goal for that day: just get to your dorm in order and try to not make our moms cry. Enthusiastic student helpers greeted you at the gates of what have become the defining years of our lives.

For some, their dorms are merely a room to stay five days a week as a means to be closer to the campus. For others such as myself, it is a complete change of course. The first day of the freshman experience, you may have felt oddly invisible.

However, the mandatory meeting conducted by your RA had the potential to change your perspective. The person you hurried by at breakneck speed at 10 a.m. was suddenly interested in you. They wanted to know your name, prospective major and where you are from.

This sudden interest can cause one of two things: infatuation or discomfort. If you fell victim to the latter, consider yourself lucky. If you’ve found yourself completely enthralled with this RA, you may have fallen under the false guise of true love. Their compassion is what draws you in, but their constant attention to your needs keeps you enchanted. Every minute interaction calls for a frenzied text to your friends. If you’re anything like me, you feel a healthy dose of dizziness and intoxication.

The weeks that follow induce a realization that the feelings are not reciprocated. Whether you feel relieved or defeated, one thing can be assured: this crush is typically a result and manifestation of being in new surroundings.

They were most likely the first person to attend to you and they are here to be your friend.

The best option is to take a deep breath, remember where you are in your life, create a healthy relationship with your RA and remember that this happens to more people than you would think; if it happened to a cynic like myself, it can happen to you.