Sports Speak: School Spirit

Dylan McManis

While Washburn may be a Division II school, it doesn’t mean we should act like it.

I covered the Family Day football game, and right away I noticed something disturbing.

The crowd had a severe lack of students.

While students were certainly present, having participated in many of the family day activities, they made up a very small portion of the game’s attendees. Many of the students who were there looked to have been dragged there by their families.

Greek Hill only sported three different Greek Life organizations, the student section was empty and I noticed during the entire game, there seemed to be a steady stream of students leaving in small groups.

This is not okay. I’m not about to be the one to tell everyone they have to get involved on campus, but I will say that following a sport and actively participating in its community can be very rewarding. And I know that the majority of the people that read this column are not the ones that need to hear this, but it needs to be said.

Don’t take a back seat in college. While this may sound like some life advice column that can be thrown anywhere else in this paper, sports is quite possibly one of the easiest and largest student activities to get involved with.

Attending a sport doesn’t have to mean you’re sporty; you don’t need any special skills to attend a football or soccer game; anyone can do it.

Going to a sporting event isn’t always about you, a lot of the time it’s about school spirit and supporting your fellow students in the activities they put their all into. Athletes have a sense of comradery in the sports that they play, so why shouldn’t you?

So go to games. If you’re a freshman you can take pictures at them for your WU101 class credit, and if you’re not a freshman then I would hope that you feel some sort of connection to Washburn at this point. Do your best to enjoy the games. Go with friends and congratulate a player afterwards.

Most sports are held on the weekend, and I know for a fact that the majority of you aren’t using your Friday nights to work on the five-page paper you have due on Monday morning. So go out and cheer for the team, GO BODS!