Family Day unites students

Ford Harrison

The annual Washburn Family Day festival invited student’s families to tour the campus as well as participate in festivities hosted by the staff of Washburn and their students Sept. 17.

Family Day encourages freshman and reoccurring students to have fun on campus for a day. Several tents are set up providing games, food and Washburn memorabilia.

Tailgating is also part of the event. There is a pleasant mix of families, alumni and students celebrating Ichabod success. Organizations and clubs like the Washburn Players contributed to Family Day with fun tables and creative games for the visitors. There are a few bouncy houses supplied, as well as a live band who covered David Bowie and other classic rock artists. Many other organizations supply delicious snacks, drinks and ice cream for those attending. The fraternities and sororities were involved in the celebration. With pitched tents and a grill, they prepared for their march on the side of the stadium with their letters exposed. Justine Frakes, sophomore theatre major and member the Washburn Players, sat next to Darria Dennison in the sun while children participated in their photobooth games.

“Washburn is very welcoming to families,” Frakes said. “The community has a big role in our education, opening our libraries and auditions to the public.”

Frakes’s family was attending as well. Being a smaller institution, Ichabods are given the opportunity to meet the community living off-campus

“The fact that there is tailgating before a game on the Memorial Union lawn shows that this school is community based,” Frakes said.

The support from the community matters a lot to the students at Washburn, and that is why they spend their time and energy on Family Day. Parents realize their dedication, too. Christina Carter from Eudora, Kansas had her first experience at Family Day.

“I miss my child,” Carter said. “But I know they’re not too far away and the house is quiet. Family Day is important because the student’s families take the opportunity to experience their loved one’s school. It helps their overall success, they meet local kids and families and can reach out to them if needed.”

The overall consensus of Family Day is positive, with many parents like Carter attending to see the support their children are receiving.