Washburn Football drops to Pittsburg

Dylan McManis

Washburn football’s two game winning streak was cut short Oct. 1 when the team lost to Pittsburg State 27-45.

The scoreboard went back and forth from quarter to quarter, but the Ichabods started with the catch-up game as Pittsburg State intercepted the ball from Washburn and immediately put in a touchdown 15 seconds into the game. The Ichabods would manage a field goal with 10:48 left on the clock to shore up the Gorillas’ lead to 3-7, and even managed to score a touchdown before the end of the first quarter to gain the lead 10-7 but the game was Pittsburg’s from there.

Washburn managed another field goal during the second quarter, just before Pittsburg put in two consecutive touchdowns, the final of which was earned with only a minute left in the half. The third quarter was two more Pittsburg touchdowns before a Washburn touchdown, but by the end of the third quarter there was a 15 point rift between the two teams as Washburn was losing 20-35.

Another field goal for Pittsburg, another touchdown for Pittsburg and then a final touchdown for Washburn with 45 seconds left on the clock that the team couldn’t convert into a victory.

The game marked the first loss for Washburn on home turf this season, but the loss isn’t without its notable statistics.

Washburn’s Carey Woods managed two of the three Washburn touchdowns, Derek McGinnis hot on his heels for the assists. This ties Woods up with Pittsburg’s highest scoring player during the game, Michael Rose.

Perry Schmiedeler kicked both a 34-yard field goal as well as a 40-yard field goal, as well as having scored all of the extra points that Washburn could have off of their touchdowns.

Washburn had 175 total rushing yards to Pittsburg’s 102, as well as 316 passing yards to 263. Washburn even held possession of the ball for 11 minutes and 15 seconds longer than Pittsburg, but just couldn’t convert their possession and yards into touchdowns.

The Ichabods will return to the field once again on Oct. 8 at Missouri Southern State University for their sixth game of the season, where they hope to improve their record from 3-2 against Missouri Southern’s 1-4 record, but we won’t know till the game!