Washburn faculty dish on their fall courses, part 2

Freelance Contributors MM199 & MM393

Students in MM199, Media Bootcamp and MM 393, Student Media Practicum, created course podcasts for fall 2020 classes. Students were also asked to write teasers to introduce their podcasts. 

  • BU 346, Organizational Behavior with Pam Foster, Equal Opportunities Director
    Created by Andrew Mercer and Vencent Allen
    In this business course, Pam Foster discusses the fundamentals of business and what it takes to become a leader in the workforce. Listen here to learn more. 

  • CN 601, Introduction to Graduate Study in Communications Studies with Professor Tracy Routsong
    Created by Connor Deffebaugh and Seth Cross
    Are you interested in taking a fun, graduate-level course that can apply to any number of fields? Look no further than Tracy Routsong’s Communication 601. Routsong sat down with Deffebaugh and Cross to discuss more about the course.

  • HI 303, Early American History, Professor Kelly Erby
    Created by Katie Larkin
    If you’re interested in learning about early American history, this class is definitely for you. Go behind the scenes of history and learn how America became what it is today.

  • MM 372, Filmmaking 1 with Assistant Professor Matthew Nyquist
    Created by Mariah Rollwagen and Taylor Long
    Here is a podcast created by Rollwagen and Long interviewing Nyquist about one of his classes, Filmmaking 1. He dives into talking about the different projects and skills students will learn in the class. 

  • RG 300, Special Topics Ritual with Assistant Professor Chris Jones
    Created by Katie Hampton and Jude Stacey
    If you are interested in why societies and different cultures engage in rituals, Special Topics: Ritual might be the course for you. 


Edited by Shelby Spradling, Diana Martinez-Ponce