Washburn faculty dish on their fall courses, part 1

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Freelance Contributors MM199 & MM393

Students in MM199, Media Bootcamp and MM 393, Student Media Practicum, created course podcasts for fall 2020 classes. Students were also asked to write teasers to introduce their podcasts. 

  • AC 224, Financial Accounting with Professor Barbara Scofield
    Created by Samantha Peters & Khalil Wilson
    Money makes the world go ’round… At least that’s what some people say. If this is true, then we must know how to invest, save and, most importantly, control our money. Click to listen about how Washburn University’s Financial Accounting course might benefit you.

  • HI 300, Colombia, special topics with Professor Kim Morse
    Created by Christina Noland & Glorianna Noland

    If Colombian history, travel and motivational speeches by a professor who walks on tables interests you – give this a listen. Note: Sadly, the COVID-19 regulations forced this course to postpone, but freshmen and sophomores interested in traveling abroad might see this course pop up again.

  • MM 393, Media Law, Ethics & Diversity with Assistant Professor Kristen Grimmer
    Created by Dan Webb & Haleigh McDonald

    If you are a mass media major or just simply have an interest in learning about legal situations and ethical decision making, then check out Kristen Grimmer’s media law class coming to Washburn. Grimmer will teach what the media industry is doing to address issues concerning diversity and discrimination, ethical decision making in the media industry and how to address the many legal situations that will arise in one’s media career.

  • TH 317, Light & Sound with Assistant Professor Ted Shonka
    Created by Serina Weathers & Regina Cassell

    Are you interested in being creative behind the scenes? Assistant Theatre Professor Ted Shonka has the class for you. Join Serina Weathers and Regina Cassell as they interview Shonka about his Light and Sound design class.