WBB Briefs: Puerto Rico Games

Bryan Grabauskas

WU Vs Kutztown Fri 10 am, and WU Vs University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Sat 10 am. The Washburn Women’s Basketball team will be packing their bags and travelling to San Juan, Puerto Rico to participate in the Puerto Rico Invitational. They will have two games in this tournament. The first test for the Ichabods will be the Kutztown Bears at 10 am on Friday, Nov 25.  After winning their season opener, the Bears have been dominated  by scores of 93-123 and 52-74 in their last two games, placing them at 1-2. Moving from that matchup, Washburn will take on a more competitive team from the University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon at 10 am on Saturday, Nov 26. Like the Ichabods, the Cowboys are 2-2. Both of their losses came with a less than five point differential. This means that a missed shot or two and they could be undefeated. They are not team to take lighlty, especially with the advantage of not travelling away from their country. It will not be a walk in the park, but the Ichabods can leave this tournament doubling their wins for the season.