Two in a Row They Go

Dylan Tyler

This Ichabod’s started the game hot and never looked back. The Lincoln Blue Tigers came to challenge the Ichabod’s in Topeka and ended up losing 86-57. When the game started it seemed as though it was going to be a back and forth game. Both teams walked away with no points on their first procession, and then both walked away with buckets on their second. However, the next three and a half minutes the Ichabod’s went on an 11-0 run. Through the game Washburn kept a steady increase on their game. They ended the first half up 45-31 and then three minutes into the second half increasing their lead to 55-33.

It also seemed as though this game was going to be a clean game with a low amount of fouls. The first foul didn’t happen until close to the 15 minute mark. After that things went down-hill. Both teams were getting fouls left and right. By the end of the game there were a total of 44 fouls. 23 of them against the Blue Tigers and 19 of them against the Ichabods. Needless to say this was a frustrating game. The leading scorer for the Tigers actually ended up getting ejected from the game for bantering at different individuals on the court while frustrated with a foul call. That was a big loss for Lincoln on the court, but at that point it wasn’t going to change the out-come of the game. At this point Washburn was doing so well the coach decided it was time to take out the starters. This was done close to the 10 minute mark. Even with doing that Washburn ended up winning by almost 30 points.

Due to all the fouling, a solid portion of this game was tossed up to free throws. In fact for the Ichabod’s that was one fourth of their points and for the Tigers it was one fifth. Fouls and free throws can make or break a game. In this game it happened to make the game for Washburn. Not just for the getting fouled portion but also for making 71% of them.

Fouls weren’t the only thing that kept Washburn at a steady lead, there were two players that stood out. These players brought tons of energy to the court and to the fans with more than a few exciting plays. The first player is David Salach. He finished the game with nineteen points, and two of those points off of a commanding dunk that got the whole crowd to their feet. When asked how excited he was about that he answer honestly, “It was really fun to get back into it. I was struggling with my ankle and I wasn’t jumping as high. Just to get one like that was fun.” Later on he described it as adrenalizing.

The next player to stand out was Isaac Clark. He never let up and you can tell that by these two things. The first one is a follow up dunk he performed that had a very similar reaction like David Salachs. It put fans on their feet. The second thing is that Clark got the next basket as well while slicing through defenders for the lay-up. After the game Isaac Clark was asked where his energy comes from, “My energy comes from me just trying to just be on the court and contributing to the team.”

After being taken out of the game for playing so well. There were two players who happened to be raised to their feet after every play from the back-ups. Those players were David and Isaac. This goes to show high volumes of support will mentally challenge the other team.