Washburn Faculty Dish on their Fall Courses, Part 3

Freelance Contributors MM199 & MM393

Students in MM 199: Mass Media Boot Camp and MM 393: Student Media Practicum created course podcasts for fall 2020 classes. Students were also asked to write teasers to introduce their podcasts. 


  • ED STEM Block, Course Name with Professor Cherry Stephens
    Created by Hannah Willey and Kambree Rhodes

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an Education major? In this podcast, Dr. Cherry Stephens explains why her class is unique. Students in the ED STEM Block take ED 310, ED 315, and ED 317 all in the same semester. Listen to this podcast to hear why these courses are so vital to the success of future educators. 



EN 105, Introduction To English Studies with Kara Kendall Morwick

Created by Mattew Wyer and Sidney Lopez

If you’re interested in the world of literature, English Arts, and everything that comes with it, you might show some interest in the new EN 105 class that’s being taught in the fall by Professor Kendall-Morwick!



CJ 400, Criminal Justice Research Method with Professor Erin Grant

Created by Kris Wood

If you are interested in learning and being able to demonstrate your knowledge about researching in the area of criminal justice, listen to this podcast about CJ 400.



SO 308, Sociology of Mental Health with Assistant Professor Lindsey Ibañez

  • Created by Darian Collins and Quay’Shawn Akins

    Sociologists are less interested in what goes on inside one’s head and more interested in the broader social context in which it plays out. In Ibañez’s class, students will explore concepts like medicalization, which is the idea that diseases aren’t viewed the same by society over time. 

  • TH 206, Early Theatre History with Assistant Professor Julie Noonan 
    Created by Nikki Kraaijeveld
    Noonan’s class focuses on the history of theatre in different cultures dating back to the 18th century. TH 206 applies elements of play-reading, production, performance, and style.  

Edited by Shelby Spradling, Diana Martinez-Ponce