Ichabod Defense Suffocates Bobcats to win by 57

5 pm on Monday evening, Jan 2, saw the Washburn Ichabods take on the Peru State Bobcats. Washburn was favored to win this game from the beginning, and, from start to finish, they showed why in a dominant fashion. They outscored the Peru State by 57 points in a 103-46 victory.

Washburn started the game hot, jumping out to a 7-0 lead very quickly. A steal followed by a score at 9:06 left in the first quarter and then another three on top of that helped Washburn gain this early lead. The Ichabod defense smothered the Bobcats defensively, not allowing them to score until three minutes into the game. Starting the second quarter behind by a score of 21-8, Peru State began the quarter with a turnover, passing the ball out of bounds. Washburn used this to fuel another stretch of holding the Bobcats scoreless, keeping them without points until 6:47 left in the second quarter. During Peru State’s absence of scoring, the Ichabods built a large lead of 39-10, before Madison Vargo channeled her inner-Steph Curry to score on a three-point buzzer beater, finishing the first half with a 44-14 lead. The Bobcats could not get out of their own way, committing 11 fouls to Washburn’s five. Washburn also bullied the Bobcats under the goal, out-rebounding them with their 26 rebounds more than doubling Peru State’s 12. Rebounding revealed itself to be very important, as Peru State only made 25% of their shots.

Alyxis Bowens went off in the third quarter, scoring four times and pushing Washburn ever farther away from Peru State. Couple her offensive explosion with the Bobcats being held scoreless for another five minute stretch, and the Bobcats fell way behind on the scoreboard. Despite finally making their first three-pointer of the game with 4:25 left in the third quarter, Washburn kept scoring and built their lead to 69-27 by the quarter’s end. The fourth quarter finally saw some life from the Bobcats’ offense, but Washburn kept their foot on the pedal. Alyxis Bowens scored another four goals to keep the Ichabods ahead. Teammate Erin Dohnalek did not intend to be left out of the fun, however, and went on her own eight point run, consisting of steals, layups, a fastbreak score, and some free throws.

Washburn kept the pressure on Peru State throughout the final minutes, and propelled their way to an outstanding 57 point win, the final score being 103-46. A suffocating defense and an aggressive rebounding effort allowed Washburn’s consistent offense to pound Peru State. About the impact of good defensive play, Ichabod Forward Alyxis Bowens asserted that “it definitely helps, I feel like you can transfer your offense from your defense. When go down and play good defense, you play good offense and it just builds your confidence.” Coming into this game, the Ichabods were fresh and well rested. Guard Jharion Bowen stated that “being off of school for break, we had a lot of hard practices that really prepared us for the game and getting us ready for next Saturday’s game, the game against Emporia. Just practicing hard through the break, that’s what got us through.” After this performance, Emporia State would be well-advised to be on the lookout for these Ichabods, as it will be no easy task for either team to defeat the other. It should be a very exciting game.