Editorial: As we move into 2017…

Review Editorial Staff

We at the Washburn Review are happy to be back, joining our fellow Ichabods again on our home campus. The year 2016 was filled with surprises both positive and negative. It was a year of change locally, nationally and worldwide. As we move into 2017, the Review is hopeful that the new year is filled with progress for everyone.

Even as 2017 has just begin, it has proven to be equally eventful especially in the political sphere. The national atmosphere is tense as our new president-elect, Donald Trump, takes office on Jan. 20. Trump has filled the nation with surprise and distress throughout 2016, and as he begins his career in the Oval Office, many still find the Tweeter-In-Chief will be quite unpredictable.

Equally intense is an open session in the halls of Congress, where voting on the Affordable Care Act and a bill presented by Bernie Sanders to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada is taking place. Party lines are blurring as Republicans and Democrats alike have taken stances opposing the mainstream ones of their groups.

What’s more, retiring president Barack Obama has just commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, a transgender former U.S. solider responsible for leaking classified military intelligence to WikiLeaks in 2010. Manning will be released in May this year as opposed to 2048. Following this daring move toward forgiveness and victory for human rights, we must wonder if amnesty for Edward Snowden will be next.

The first 18 days of this new year have already been quite tumultuous in the political world, and as we brave the rest of 2017, the Review’s news and column teams will diligently report on the coming surprises.

Locally, we find progress to be less intense, but exciting for Topekan culture all the same. Washburn University has truly innovated in developing “impact,” a crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to students and faculty projects. The opportunity for our students to actualize their dreams has never been greater. It will be especially interesting to see what projects come to life with this new platform, and once again the Review will be sure to feature stories on these students’ sucessful projects.

Beyond the campus, Topeka has continued to expand as a bustling center of developing culture, as the First Fridays Art Walks are still alive and well, and summer festivals are hot on our list of attractions to visit. Come the warmer seasons, the Review’s multimedia team will capture all the fun Topeka has to offer on Facebook Live and in video presentations.

The road ahead in this new year has many expectancies, some positive and some negative. There will be many unexpected affairs all the same. It’s our pleasure at the Review to strive to keep you informed of all the twists and turns this year will hold. Thank you to all of our readership, supporters and fellow Ichabods.