WU Words: After attending a boarding school in 2011…

After attending a boarding school in 2011, I thought this should be it I already finished college. I was only in my 20s thought everything I did was right. Well, I was wrong. My associates didn’t take me that far where I wanted to be. So, instead of going back to school for my bachelors. I already missed a couple semesters so I thought I guess I have to start finding a job. Thankfully my parents were always supportive with my decision after my friends started turning away after I quit going to school.

Being miles away from home finding a job was the only way I could survive in America. No families, no close friends I was finding my way adapting to the real world. Being hired on at the Lake City Ammunition Plant, got a couple of friends that would help me get through the day. Though I would cry here and there, but it was just only me. An island girl straight from the islands. Nevertheless, I believe in miracles and being from a close knit family that would always put God first. I knew my heavenly father never left my side nor abandon me.

The trials I have been fighting a couple months felt like a year to me, but they were life lessons to me and for that I’m grateful. Always thought life is just so unfair. But no, to me it’s what you put in that makes it worthwhile. The struggle of getting used to working life finally begin to be a hobby for me. I met some extended families months later thanks to face book (social media). I moved in and a little over two months they were planning to move from Kansas City, Mo to Topeka, KS. Finally found a place I could called home for now.

When we move in Topeka, KS the beginning of 2014, everything was new for me. I didn’t know that much people, but it was a fresh start for me. After working at Lake City Ammunition Plant for a couple months dealing with general labor. I guess I should say a “men’s job” but quitting wasn’t my option. I would always tell myself, No Pain No Gain. For Topeka, KS loved it not too busy just perfect for me to start a new chapter in life.

It took us a week to settle in at our new home then I started the process of looking for a job where I was hired on by Key Staffing for custodian, food services and custodian. After three months of working, always passed by Washburn University and I thought what a great school. Some evenings when we would just ride around town I would just stare at the buildings. Neither that I knew I would be taking classes there soon. Yet, for my extended family we would gather every Sunday after church to have dinner together. In my culture, family was an important foundation in an individual’s life also the food. Can never go wrong with the food, our family dinner always looks like a feast. I took the time to learn a lot from my aunt’s side of the family which I found kind interesting that all her nieces and nephews were all out of state either in school, finishing off a nursing degree or working. I thought is this a sign should I go back to school.

Mind you I have been out of school for almost a year now I doubted myself if I could really be able to go back to school. Started talking to my parents that were 6,000 plus miles away from Topeka, KS and all they said was pray about it. So I did next thing I know I got an acceptance letter from Washburn University and was enrolled in summer classes of 2014.

Next thing I knew I was walking on campus and I was scared thinking to myself I’m going to fail it’s been a while. But no, Mabee Library had opportunities like English tutoring, Psychology and more that helped me, guided me and nurtured me to be successful. I can honestly say ever since I got enrolled at Washburn University I never regret it. The classes are perfect, the professors are very helpful with my learning experiences. Even if I had last minute questions they were willing to help me especially my Criminal Justice professors and all the faculties of Mabee Library, Psychology Department just everybody. I always thought to myself why didn’t my previous college have this, but it’s all in the past. Finally, for ratings, I would give a 100% to Washburn University from the campus environment to the professors and administrations.