WU Words: I was born in Atlanta, Georgia…

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I am an only child and at the age of two my father passed away and my mother decided that it was time that we move back to Greece. Losing my father was definitely an experience that changed my life. Even though I was only two years old it affected the rest of my life because I didn’t grow up with a father figure. My mother did a great job raising me into the strong independent woman that I have become. Both of my parents were born and raised in Greece. Growing up learning two languages was difficult but unique at the same time and a lot of individuals found that very unique about me. Greek was definitely my first language and I attended school there for a couple years. I would definitely have to say that Greek is way harder than English when it comes to education. Even when I was enrolled in school in Greece, I was in the second grade staying up till 11P.M. every night working on homework. After awhile my mom decided that she wasted to move to Atchison, Kansas to reunite with her sister. My mother and I later moved to Atchison, Kansas my third grade year of elementary school and lived with my aunt for a few years. English was extremely difficult for me to learn and my aunt had to continuously work with me to prepare me for middle school and high school. My fourth grade teacher was wonderful, every day after school she would take me with her and make me read a little longer than most kids my age would read. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be as fluent in English as I am now, they are the ones to thank.

After continuing my life in Atchison, Kansas and graduating high school, I later attended Washburn University and became an Ichabod. Starting senior year at Atchison High School in Atchison, Kansas I had many options on where I wanted to attend college. I went on a lot of college visits but Washburn really stood out to me. I became an Ichabod because the day I went to my college visit everyone made me feel at home with the kindness that they treated me with. The first time I came to campus I was nothing but smiles. The environment made me happy and the individuals at the school made me feel like I was back at home without a doubt and in my heart I knew this was the next place I would call home. My first year at Washburn I enjoyed tremendously and if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. I was definitely involved into school activities and worked at the Human Services Department. My best experience the last two years that I’ve attended Washburn University would have to be the football games and hanging out with my friends in the Union. Overall the school is great and I had no horrible experiences so far.

The only thing I really worry about is having good grades. What really makes me happy is knowing my mother is proud of me for doing well in school. After losing my father my mother never remarried. Since day one it has always been us two. My freshman year of high school she was diagnosed with lupus and ever since then she has never been the same. My main goal in life is to be successful and make my mother proud and in order to do that I make sure that I am successful at almost everything I do, especially school. One thing that I’ve definitely learned attending Washburn University so far is that no matter how tough life gets always remember that you’re tougher and you can conquer anything you set your mind to. If there is one thing that I want others to know about me its that no matter what life throws your way, take it and let it be your motivation to be successful and chase your dreams.