Pensonality (BOD MAG)

Alex M. Hounchell

  1. What is the best pet?

  1. Dog. B. Bird. C. Bearded Dragon. D. Cat E. Hamster

2. Favorite subject of study?

  1. Shop. B. History C. Art/writing D. Statistics E. Biology

3. Favorite Breakfast food?

  1. Eggs. B. Bagle. C. Pastries D. Bacon/Sausage E. Shake/smoothie

4. The Mythical Creature that represents you?

  1. Golem. B. Pegasus C. Lich D. Dragon E. Necromancer

5. Favorite drink?

  1. Iced Tea. B. Dr. Pepper C. Energy Drink. D. Cofee. E. Water

6. Time of day that you thrive?

  1. Early Morning. B. Mid-Morning. C. Twilight D. Evening. E. Afternoon

7. Favorite Board game?

  1. Battleship. B. Life. C. Clue. D. Monopoly. E. Pandemic

8. Presentations make you _____?

  1. Hesitant. B. Bored. C. Excited. D. Thoughtful. E. Calm.

As: Blue Collar/ G2 Pilot:

Farmer, Steelworker, Construction

You are both tough, stubborn, and hard headed at times, but you get the job done in the best way you know.

Bs: Traveling Jobs/ Gel Pens

Ad consultant, Anthropologist, Historian, Truck Driver, Captain of a Boat

You are both fluid and eccentric. Suited to be on the road based solely on versatility. You have aquired taste that make you want to travel.

Cs: Creative/Art Jobs/Pencil

Painter, Writer, Movie Director, Actor, Musician, Teacher

You are okay with making mistakes, because you know that you can handle them. You are both creative and maybe slightly reckless for the betterment of your job.


Desk Job/Ballpoint Pen

Accountant, Banker, Economist, Journalist, Government Official

You roll and adapt to your entire environment, meaning you can learn from most experiences and become better from them.


Civil Servant/Metal Pen

Nurse, CNA, Psychiatrist, Social Work, Doctor

You are strong and as such you are a hard worker and people look up to you. You are not as easily stressed out as others and you are reliabl