Resume Roadshow prepares students for Career Fair

Charles Rankin CONTRIBUTOR

As students prepare for life after college, many will attempt to enter the workforce and find themselves staring at a computer screen struggling to write the resume that could land them the perfect job.

Washburn University Career Services put on a resume roadshow Feb. 13. The event is held a few days before the career fair each semester. It entails members of career services and representatives from local employers looking at the resumes of students to going over them and help make any changes.

“We’ve had about 60 students each time we put it on,” said Kent McAnally, director of career services.

Career services has found the event to be very successful for those who utilize it.

“The feedback we get from students is that it is helpful,” McAnally said. “They especially like having employers here to look at them.”

Jesse Johnston, human resources generalist at CoreFirst Bank & Trust, is one of those employer representatives. He has been helping career services prepare students for a couple of years and enjoys being able to help students as they get ready for their careers.

“It’s nice to give feedback on things like resumes,” Johnston said. “A lot of students have never had a job before coming to college and this can be really helpful for them.”

Johnston is excited for the opportunities the students may have after they meet with him.

“Even if it’s not working with us, we can steer them in the right direction,” Johnston said. “Just being able to help them with that is worth it for me.”

Shayla Rilinger, a senior marketing major, was one of the students that met with Johnston. Rilinger had never really set up a resume before preparing for the roadshow.

“I just went on Microsoft Word and used a template,” Rilinger said.

She plans on going to the career fair and felt that the roadshow was a great way to begin preparing for it.

“It was good to have an outsider take a look at it and help tweak it for what I really need,” Rilinger said.

Career services sets up the roadshow intentionally on this day so that students can have the best looking resume before visiting businesses and employers at the career fair taking place Feb. 15.

McAnally has one important piece of advice for any student coming to the career fair.

“Do a little homework about the employers before you come,” McAnally said. “The biggest disappointment I hear from them is students coming up to a table and asking, ‘What do you guys do?’”

Johnston agrees that being prepared is key when meeting with companies and potential employers.

“Visit the company’s website, research them,” Johnston said. “Employers are impressed when you know what they are all about.”