Welcoming Kappa Delta Chi


Kappa Delta Chi, a Greek sorority with 61 chapters in the United States, is looking to establish a chapter at Washburn University. Kappa Delta Chi is a multicultural chapter that promotes the traditional values of unity, honesty, integrity and leadership at its respective universities.

Students that expressed interest in this chapter have come together and with help of Jessica Barraclough, director of leadership and development of students, are making this dream become a reality. Washburn has helped so far by gauging interest and reaching out to alumni of this chapter for help. Even with the university’s help, this is something that is student-driven. Without student interest, there will be no charter.

When asking students who are looking to establish this group why this specific charter, most answers led to the opinion of having more diverse leaders on campus. “It would be a confidence booster and motivator seeing our own kind in leadership roles,” said student Yami Zamora. “It opens up diversity, culture and discussions for minorities involved in predominantly white organizations.”

So far, there are enough students interested in it right now to get a colony started and possibly obtain a charter by Fall 2017. Still room for others to join in this opportunity. Students interested in this charter and what it offers can visit Student Activities and Greek Life for further information.