Basketball brings more than competition

Antony Furse

Lee Arena is not the only place on campus to find basketball players in action on campus. At the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, athletes can be found on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights hitting the hardwood for some fierce competition in five on five intramural basketball.

Intramurals are sporting opportunities that allow anyone on campus to compete in team or individual sports without having to dedicate the time of a full-time athlete. Many students participated in athletics in high school and intramurals allows them to continue using their athletic talents in a fun and relaxing manner.

The current five on five basketball season began on January 17 with over 200 students signed up to compete. The men’s bracket consists of 21 teams that are comprised of anyone from groups of friends to fraternity members. The women bracket consists of four teams for this season. The regular season ended on February 9 with three teams in the men’s division boasting an undefeated record. The teams ‘Money Team’, ‘Top City’ and ‘Just Put It In’, have accomplished an undefeated regular season record. For the women’s division, the team ‘Mulvane’ is holding the first place spot with a 2-1 record. The basketball playoff tournament will begin for the men on Feb. 14 and end with the championship game on Mar 1. The women’s league will play their first round of playoffs on February 14 and end with the championship game on Feb. 21.

Intramurals is much more than a time to play a sport. For many, like sophomore accounting major Ryan Maddex, it is a way to take the mind off school work for a while. Ryan stated, “Intramurals are great study breaks that allow you to meet new people, while doing something you enjoy.”Apart from exercise and stress relief, intramurals offer those that participate a great way to socialize with others on campus. Sophomore communications major Colin Truhe said intramurals allow him “To compete and have fun with the people that I am close to”, Whether you are looking for exercise in a fun setting or a way to socialize with friends of old and new, intramurals are offering opportunities for all interested.

Apart from basketball, the SWRC offers intramurals for almost every sport. This spring, there will be opportunities to compete in dodgeball, handball, indoor soccer, pickleball and softball. Those interested can contact the SWRC for more information.