Underappreciated music genres: musicals

Ali Dade

Musicals are one of the most popular genres of music, likely due to the fact that they tell stories better than any other genre. Many musicals allow you to learn the entire story of the show by just listening to the soundtrack rather than watching the show itself. Plus, the music content present in musicals is typically made up of some of the catchiest tunes you will ever hear, and will likely become stuck in your head for days afterwards, only leading you to want to listen to it more.

Another perk of listening to musicals would be that there is truly one out there that anyone and everyone is bound to enjoy. Within the musical genre, there are a countless number of sub-genres that provide a large range of variety.

If you like to listen to rock music, I would recommend a musical like “Rock of Ages,” “Rent” or “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

If you like to listen to country music, I would recommend “Waitress” or “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

If you like to listen to pop music, I would recommend “Legally Blonde,” “Grease” or “Footloose.”

If you like to listen to hip hop or rap music, I would recommend In The Heights or Hamilton.

If you like to listen to more classical or traditional music, I would recommend “Phantom of the Opera,” “Oklahoma” or “South Pacific.”

In addition to these sub-genres, there are many musicals based on one artists’ or band’s music, such as “Mamma Mia,” which is based on ABBA’s greatest hits, “Across the Universe,” a compilation of songs by The Beatles set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, “American Idiot,” an interpretative performance of the seminal Green Day album by the same name, and “Jersey Boys,” which is based on the life and music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Musicals at their core are a dynamic vehicle of storytelling that should not be easily written off. Now that you have your musical recommendations, go forth and fill your life with the wonderful world of Broadway.