Quirky LED Cloud Lantern

Colleen Kelly


Round paper lantern

Fast-drying tacky glue

Polyester fiber stuffing

Fishing line

Battery powered LED lights


1. Choose a round paper lantern in your desired color (this will determine the color your cloud glows).

2. Unfold lantern and fix its shape into place with given metal rod.

3. Attach fixing line to the left and right sides of the top opening, leaving enough space that your hand can comfortably reach inside.

4. Generously apply tacky glue to small sections at a time and press small clumps the stuffing to the wet glue. Hold until the glue dries before moving on to ensure that the base layer stays secure. Be sure that if your lantern has a bottom opening that the stuffing covering it is completely covered. Gluing a small piece of paper to the inside to cover the opening is optional.

5. Once the entire lantern is covered, glue larger clumps of stuffing to the dry base layer of stuffing. Once dry, fluff the stuffing to create the desired wispy cloud stape.

6. Place the battery powered LED lights inside the lantern through the top opening and turn the lights on. Be sure to use battery powered LED lights rather than standard fairy lights, as fairy lights are prone to overheating and will create a fire hazard.

7. Hang lantern from Command hook or from ceiling and turn on the lights.