Men’s golf aiming high after making top five percentile


The 2017 Washburn Men’s Golf team has had a not so rocky start. In the fall they were finishing in the top fifty percentile for the invitations they have been a part of thus far. For a sport like golf, this is a great thing.

There are so many players on a team that can do good or bad. For Washburn to be finishing has high as they have means most if not all of Washburn’s Athletes have been doing well. In a sport like golf, it would be very impressive for two people to balance out the entire team in a positive manner.

The only Invitation that Washburn did not finish in the top-fifty percentile was the Myrtle Beach Invitational. They finished that meet 13th out of 16 teams.

Carson Roberts, who is finishing the best statistically on the year for the Ichabods, finished 29th. With that being said that was there lowest finish. The Ichabod’s have kicked in gear since then.

The last Invitation the Men’s Golf team went to in the fall was considered a success. They finished fifth out of 16 teams in the Invitation.

Roberts led Washburn for this Invitation and tied at fourth place. Robert’s teammates also did well. For example, Tavin Dugan placed 21st, and Garret Allen finished 33rd.

The most recent Invitation was arguably a success, due to the dramatic weather changes that happen in Kansas.

The second round of the Washburn Invitational ended up being cancelled. So in a way, weather may have some teams down.

This is being assessed, because the Ichabod’s were able to keep themselves in gear finishing the invitation in second place. This is, by far, their best finish yet, and they have nothing taken away from them in this win.

These Washburn Athletes still have hoops to jump through before the season ends. There is the UCO Broncho Invite, Northern Sun Preview, FHSU Invitational, and officially the MIAA Championships. These invitations left will help decide what will happen with the NCAA Regionals, and Nationals.

“I’m looking forward to upcoming tournaments, and the ability to make a run towards this year’s nationals,” Roberts said.

Roberts has been leading the team all year and will be making a run at Nationals.

The confidence of the team doesn’t just lay in the hands of Roberts. Chase Coble is an Ichabod golfer with a high opinion of the team.

“We have some great talent and have the capability to win against anyone in the conference,” Cole said.

Although, the team has not outright won an Invitation, as a team they are definitely faring well, and could continue to do so in upcoming events.

As individual players, the Ichabod’s also have good chances. Some of these Washburn athletes average a stroke or two within each other.

Considering some of these Ichabod’s finish at the top, Coble may be correct in his optimism.