Dorm decor: How Ichabods make themselves at home

Colleen Kelly

Living on campus awards students the freedom to to make the dorms their home away from home. With a finite amount of space and limits as to how one can hang decorations from the wall or ceiling, it takes a well thought out concept and some creativity to make your space your own. Aside from Greek Life, Washburn offers three unique on-campus communities: the Living Learning Center, Lincoln Hall and the Washburn Village.

You want to start with the floor plan first. Decide with your roommate or suite-mates what furniture you are all keeping and what needs to be bought or moved in. Most long-time residents recommend utilizing campus-provided furniture, which is easily lofted and stacked, giving one more floor space.

Once you have your furniture and layout figured out, you can begin filling the space with personal touches from home or new Pinterest projects. Fairy lights are classic, and there is a growing trend in mounted clothesline to display photos to take up wall space. Rugs, curtains, beddings and lamps– these are the easiest ways to show your style. Whatever you do, make it your own and make it feel like home.