Chi Alpha spreads faith

Shayn Jones

Chi Alpha is an organization that hopes to help students enhance their faith while practicing it on campus.

Kayden Webb, Chi Alpha president, has been a member of the organization for a year and has enjoyed her time.

“I would say that Chi Alpha is a great place to come if you have questions about being a Christian or if you have doubts about it,” said Webb.“We’re an open minded group and we love to discuss the hard topics in life. Also, that they love seeing students come in and connect with them, walk with them as they go through college.”

Chi Alpha also participates in several events.

One event features a pancake feed during the week of finals. This provides a getaway for students while they work hard and continue studying.

“We really want it to be a place of relaxation during that time. People are able to come and get free food and chat while they take a break from their studies,” said Webb.

Another event includes a conference out of town during winter break. This conference is for Chi Alpha members across the state. The attendees learn more about their faith while socializing and growing closer to their lord and savior.

“At the conference, we usually sing and connect with others from all around,” said Webb. “It’s always an enlightening experience to know that you are surrounded by people who have something in common with you, but who are also open-minded.”

Chi Alpha believes that by reaching out to students and providing a safe place to discuss questions, the organization can help Washburn by creating a faithful and welcoming environment.