Washburn pulls out win after lengthy 13 innings

Bryan Grabauskas

First pitch between the Washburn Ichabods and the Northeastern State Riverhawks was thrown at 3 p.m. on Mar. 3.

The game started slow with a quiet first inning from both teams. Both teams were swiftly given three outs and the initial inning was over quickly.

The top of the third inning saw the Ichabods getting the Riverhawks off of the field before they would set up for their first action on offense.

The first batter of the inning for Washburn was hit by the pitch, allowing him to advance to first base. A Washburn batter stepped up to the plate and bunted a ball, resulting in a throwing error by Northeastern State that allowed the runners to advance to second and third base. The next batter served up a sacrificial fly ball to enable Cole Gardner to run home and pu the first score of the day on the board.

With the fourth inning starting, the Riverhawks were ready to respond to the Ichabods’ score with their own. After getting their runners on second and third base, they were able to get number 22, Dakota Woods past home and tie the game up at 1-1.

Then, Washburn switched out their pitcher, Nick Silva. Quickly after the switch to Jaren Kutzke, the Riverhawks took advantage of the witch and scored another run when Zane Takhar got to home plate. Up at 2-1, the Riverhawks were about pounce on another opportunity to score.

To start the bottom of the eighth, Riley Krane slammed the ball for a triple. Next up, Brett Nickle hit a single and got Krane home to tie the game up at 2-2. After a few attempts, Brett Nickle managed to steal second base. Then, Washburn managed to get the bases loaded, looking at an opportunity to get a late lead, but failed to score after getting their third out. In the final inning, Northeastern State got runners on first and third bases. Washburn was able to stop them and had the chance to close this game out. After bases being stolen and bases getting loaded, Washburn failed to capitalize on the opportunity and the game was sent into extra innings.

Three innings of overtime produced nearly nothing, until the game entered the 13th inning. Washburn got the Riverhawks off of the field quickly.

The game finally came to a close when Darian Abram hit a sacrifice fly which allowed Tomasino to run home and put Washburn up 3-2. With that, Washburn won the game and pushed their record to 9-6. When the game stretches out into extra innings like it did, the team’s mindset changes. Coach Harley Douglas explains what goes through the team’s mind in that situation. “We have to play one run an inning,” Douglas said. “And when we’re on defense we try to maintain and minimize any problems we could have and [on offense] get a lead off guy on and bunt him over and find a way to get a big hit.”

Baseball can be a very tactical sport, and the Ichabods made there way to victory by playing carefully, and skillfully. A win like this one can show a teams true caliber, and will definitely have an impact on how the next couple of games will go.