Bold Framed Jewelry Organizer

Bold Framed Jewelry Organizer

Colleen Kelly


2 1x2x8 inch boards

Chicken wire

4 13×13 inch squares of fabric

4 12 inch removable curtain rods

Wood glue




Staple gun

Screw driver

7 drawer knobs


1. Cut five pieces of wood to be 2 feet in length, cut one other piece to be 1 foot by 10 inches. This shorter piece will need to be cut in half and will be used in the middle of the frame.

2. Lay all wood pieces down in the shape of a picture frame and using the wood glue, attach each perpendicular piece of wood to one another. Drive a nail into every corner that two pieces of wood connect for added support.

3. Allow wood glue to dry, then paint the wooden frame.

4. Once the paint is dry, drill seven holes along the bottom of the frame for the drawer knobs.

5. With screws, mount the hook for the curtain rods into both sides of where the curtain rods will hang.

6. Lay the jewelry hanger face down, using a staple gun staple the chicken wire to the back of two square openings.

7. Using a staple gun, staple the four fabric squares to all four square openings.