Repurposed Barstool End Table

Repurposed Barstool End Table


Wooden barstool


Cleaning supplies




F-26 glue

Furniture primer

Furniture paint



1. Find old used wooden barstool

2. Clean barstool using soap and water to remove dust.

3. Saw legs off to achieve the desired height for your table. Measure the height of your couch or bed to determine the height needed.

4. Sand a piece of plywood smooth to function as your table. Plywood is the cheapest wood and therefore easy to obtain, but any wood would work. As long as it’s skinny and smooth after sanding.

5. Cut the plywood into desired table size. Then cut remaining plywood pieces to fit the bars used as foot rests on the stool to make shelves. The top portion of my end tables is 4 ft sq.

6. The shelves will vary depending on the design of the stool.

7. Take the seat of the stool and sand it down. Then you take the plywood and put a circle of F-26 glue on the bottom of the top plywood piece. For the shelves put the glue on the rungs of the stool and place the shelves square on the rungs.

8. Let the glue dry overnight and then sand everything down one last time. Pay special attention to the bottoms of the legs that you cut to make sure they are nice and even. Coat the end table in a high quality furniture primer. Put two coats of paint over It, whatever color you so choose.

9. Let it cool overnight and then coat the top of the table and the shelves in polyurethane. Then let that cure overnight and put felt pads on the bottom of the legs.