Washburn receives STEM grant


Photo Colleen Kelly

Checks and Balances: Jerry Farley, president of Washburn University, and Greg Greenwood, senior vice president of strategy at West Star Energy pose at a donation ceremony. On 14 April, AT&T, Bartlett & West and Westar Energy partnered to donate $85,000 to Washburn to aid in a new STEM education initiative. Washburn will gain a new classroom devoted to STEM, and a statewide STEM conference will be held this October. When asked why STEM education was important to Washburn, Greenwood said, “I think it’s important beyond Washburn because STEM education nationally has suffered. And I think that this program at Washburn focusing on making teachers be all they can be to help promote STEM and stand for our schools and employees of the future. That is very valuable.”